The Founderz Lounge

Welcome to the Founderz Lounge! This podcast will give you an inside look at Don & Evonne Varady. The Founderz of Clean Eatz. Clean Eatz as a brand is two companies. Clean Eatz Franchising is a Nation Wide Cafe Quick Service Brand with close to 100 Franchise locations in 35 States. As well as Clean Eatz Kitchen, which is a distribution model that ships meals in all lower 48 states. It services military installations, pro sports teams, college sports and much more. The Founderz Lounge podcast is going to give you a look into what it takes to run these two giant companies. The good. The bad. And the ugly. Don & Evonne are still in the driver's seat and manage the day to day operations. This is where you will get a sneak peek at what that is like as they share their knowledge along the way.